3 Steps To Maintaining A Long Distance Relationship


A good relationship sometimes can be marred by distance, it’s always a pain when what might have been is thwarted by distance, and you really want to keep this relationship.
Revealed here are 3 steps to keeping and maintaining any long distance relationship for as long as you guys see fit to keep it that way, and still have a fresh relationship every time!

1. Write a letter

I know some of you will go ah! Who has the time? So show your loved one you have the time to do it for them, it will also let them know the effort and feel the love you put into the letter, and treasure it.
Also you can send postcards and email, but my personal favorite remains the handwritten letter it brings better results.

2. Take a trip

Going to meet your spouse maybe on holidays and special occasions is another way of showing your partner you care and cherish them, and it’s a way to examine your relationship at a closer angle.
I personally prefer holydays, cos fares are cheaper and I get to stay longer than a weekend! That means more time for me and my missus!!

3. Make a call

The sweetest thing to me is to hear my spouse’s voice first thing in the morning or, last thing at night, the sound of your spouses voice triggers a sense of security in your mind and makes you relax that’s why wailing babies respond to their mothers shushing croon
Talking on the phone at night snuggling my pillow gives me the belief of security, so I never really feel lonely and I really do sleep like a baby!