Alpha male: the ten characteristics that make a man attractive


In this article, we will talk about the alpha male (also sometimes called “dominant male”). We will see what an alpha is, and we will see if the dominant males exist only in animals or if there can be in humans.

Then, we will examine what are the advantages of alpha males compared to other guys. Then, I’ll unveil the ten features that make you attractive to women and that you could imitate today. Finally, we will study some concrete examples of alpha males.

What is the definition of a dominant male?

The alpha male (click if you want to see the Wikipedia page) is a term of zoology. It designates the member of the pack or tribe that the others follow. It is, therefore, a dominant, a leader.

Contrary to popular belief, the alpha male is not always the strongest individual; it can be the one who has the best access to resources or who knows how to make alliances (some animals practice a form of politics). Generally, the dominant male enjoys privileged access to females and, in some species, even reserves their exclusivity.

The concept of the alpha male exists in wolves: you surely suspect it because one often refers to this animal when one speaks about the leader. Nevertheless, there are alpha males in species that are much closer to us, such as Capuchin monkeys.

But then, is it possible that the concept of an alpha male applies to the human being?

Do dominant males exist in humans?

Many people think that man is not an animal or, at least, is not an animal like the others since he has a conscience. In any case, Aristotle said that man is a political animal. Which means that man is an animal.

From the moment when we realize that man is an animal and that there are alpha males in many living species on Earth, we can consider the idea that there is the alpha in humans. Even if it’s politically incorrect.

However, asserting it openly is not possible because it is a taboo and sensitive subject. So I’ll give you some examples of known men and tell me if they have alpha traits or not.

I’m going to let you draw your conclusions here.

Some examples of alpha males

When Barack Obama makes a speech, and everyone listens to it religiously, cannot one see in him a kind of pack leader?

When a man like Francois Hollande with a beautiful actress like Julie Gayet, can we say that his social status (former President of the Republic) grants him sexual privileges? Privileges, moreover, quite similar to those that could have a tribal leader?

Ryan Gosling’s celebrity only makes him more attractive. There are many beautiful kids on Earth, but few are talented or smart. These characteristics make them, of course, stand out. Today, he is a fantasy for many women maybe because he is alpha?

When Sean Connery was playing James Bond, did not he perfectly fit the alpha male? He was cool, funny in his way, had great body language, and so on. It is surely for this reason that he is often designated as the best actor having embodied the British agent.

Marlon Brando, in The Wild One, also embodied a super archetype of the dominant man. Can we say that it is thanks to this kind of role that he has become an icon (to the point that I still talk about it today, in 2019)?

The advantages of alpha males

In everyday life, we can observe that 80% of women are attracted by 20% of men (I simplify, but that’s the idea). The remaining 80% are generally living in sexual misery. It’s serious: look around and tell me how many guys are successful with women?

And if we look at the case of these men who succeed with women, we realize that they all have one, or often, even more, alpha characteristics.

Now that we have admitted that in humans, it is not necessarily the most intelligent or the nicest who end up with the most beautiful girls, let’s understand why. So, why?

Because a logic based on their instinct guides women’s sexual choices. This instinct makes them feel positive emotions for men with alpha characteristics.

Through the history of humanity, it was this genetic programming that allowed women to choose to breed first and foremost with men who could make children with a high chance of survival.

However, this biological programming has remained anchored in the human being, even if time has passed. Today, the criteria have changed a little, but women still look for dominant males (with a few rare exceptions).

It’s like that; it’s nature.

Can we become an alpha male?

Some are born dominating and naturally having success with women. Others must learn to become alpha or suffer the fact that women will probably always see them as the second choice.

I do not know if any man can become an alpha male in depth. No doubt, but even if it is not the case, it is not very serious. You need to be aware of few things to change your love life.

I had a few alpha features when I started in the seduction community. So, at first, I imitated the traits of the dominants because I groped. Until the day, I had my little success and where these behaviors became natural for me. Today, I changed my attitude and my state of mind: I think we can say that I am much more alpha and fulfilled than before. And I do not make any special efforts for. It’s my true nature that expresses itself.

What is important to remember here is that I think it is possible to improve your sex life and love while remaining yourself, imitating, or singing alpha characteristics. Or, at least, by doing personal development!

I end this paragraph with a warning: I saw too many guys confuse alpha male and asshole. An alpha is not an asshole even if bad boys can have alpha characteristics. But, seriously, wanting to play the service to seduce women seems to me is a mistake. There is a healthy way to become a caring and respectful alpha.

What are the characteristics of the alpha male?

Below, I have grouped into ten categories the alpha characteristics that I have identified in humans.

#1. Self-confidence

To be self-confident, to be self-confident, to appear to fear no one and not to be afraid of the judgment of others are alpha characteristics. Self-confidence is surely the seductive characteristic of a most famous man.

#2. Popularity

Being popular with women but also with men will only raise your rating in the eyes of the world. Here, the goal is to know the world and to be a little known. If you happen to be preselected by several pretty women, then your value will also increase because there will be some competition between them.

This is not necessarily about making girls jealous, but being seen with beautiful women helps to be more easily chosen by others. Success calls for success. This is a virtuous circle in which I wish you to enter as soon as possible.

#3. You play a form of authority

To have a position of authority or to embody authority in a domain (to be expert in something) is a characteristic of the alpha male.

So, you are a leader, and when you speak, we listen to you attentively. If you are referring for some people, then you are probably already sexy for some women. Power and/or talent have always attracted women, anyway.

#4. You are effectively autonomous

Here, it is about emotional autonomy. Not to be emotionally dependent or starved. Thus, you do not put too much pressure on the girls, and you do not stress too much, you are not possessive, etc. You’re a cool guy, right in his boots.

The idea is that you are not asking because you are independent; you do not need others to feel good. They are only a bonus. Knowing how to think for oneself is also an asset.

#5. You are proactive

Being proactive is an alpha characteristic. You have passion; you have the ambition; you are not a soft bulb; you do what you have to do to achieve your goals.

Most of the time, proactive people are those with privileged access to resources.

#6. You are fun

If a woman laughs with you (and not about you), it is because she likes you or seeks your validation. The goal here is to practice sexy alpha humor, not to be a jester. There is indeed a good and a wrong way to make a woman laugh.

The fact of having humor, the taste for puns or even for puns proves that you have some form of intelligence.

#7. The fighting spirit

Women often need to feel protected by a man. Being able to protect the people who trust you is very sexy.
Moreover, you are not the kind of fatalist who laments his fate, you do not give up easily, you do not let go, you do what you have decided, and you keep your word. In short, you are a positive guy, reliable, and combative!

#8. You are emotionally stimulating

It is often said that women are beings who are very emotional, unlike men who are most often in logic, in the rational. It is about giving emotions to women. You know how to excite a woman emotionally.

You are a challenge for them, and you know how to keep your share of mystery.

#9. Form or physical strength

Physical form is a certain alpha asset because of the vector of virility. Whether it is among wolves or men, it is perhaps even the most obvious alpha characteristic.

But even if it is the one that jumps the most in the eyes, the physique of a man is not the most essential thing to seduce a woman. I would say that the physical is 20 to 30% of the seduction capital of a man against 70 to 80% for attitude, social status, reputation, resources, etc.

NB: here, for simplicity, we could say that it is reversed in women and the female seduction capital is determined at 70% from the physical appearance.

In short, if you have a beautiful body, big arms, impressive abs, you will be sexier than if you are overweight, that’s for sure. But do not overdo it. The goal here is to be physically fit, not necessarily to spend your life at the gym!

#10. The beauty

alpha male

Finally, the last alpha trait that I noted: the physical beauty. Almost the logical continuation of feature # 9.

Note that the beauty of a man’s face does not follow the same rules as the beauty of a woman. For a man, what is attractive is rather to have a dominant look to the Lino Ventura (square jaw, etc.). For a woman, it would be rather to have fine and regular features and pretty curves.

In short, look after your look so that women sometimes tell you that you are beautiful or sexy. The goal here is that we compliment you on something.

Case studies: a study of alpha males

We will have fun reading the alpha characteristics of many men and understand the alpha characteristics that make them successful with women.

Tom Cruise is an alpha male who possesses beauty, physical strength, fighting spirit, who is popular and who trusts him. With so many assets, no wonder it is still considered a sex symbol.

Patrick Jane, aka the Mentalist or Simon Baker in the civil, is a man who possesses beauty, who is emotionally stimulating, fun, emotionally autonomous, he represents the authority in a field and has confidence in him. It must be added that mentalism and seduction are two closely related disciplines, so we better understand why this serial character is so popular with the fairer sex!

Nicolas Sarkozy has the fighting spirit; he has embodied authority; he has many relationships and seems to have confidence in him. He did not need more things to be elected President and to marry one of the most desired women of Paris: Carla Bruni.

Matthew Bellamy, the singer of Muse, is far from being a supermodel but he is talented and famous. This justifies the fact that thousands of groupies are waiting for him in the boxes to offer himself to him.

The server of the crested box at the bottom of my house is not very beautiful but it is known in the city (especially in the night world). Which explains why girls make the forcing to return with himself if he is in couple.

The yoga teacher in my gym is an expert in a field; he seems popular since he says hello to everyone, and is fit. That’s why a lot of female members fantasize about him!

My findings on the alpha male

Without necessarily needing to talk about Alpha, Beta, or Omega, we must admit that there are alpha characteristics that make women react. This is, of course, the ten alpha traits I cited in this article.

You do not need to have all these qualities to be successful (it would be impossible because the perfect man does not exist) but the more you will have, the more you will have success with women. Note that some are also more powerful than others.

In any case, I hope to have helped you by explaining what makes the difference between a lambda man and an alpha man for a woman.

I have long believed that a woman thought like a man and that if I did not have success, it was because I was badly combed or that I danced badly in box. It was not so. When I started working on these ten alpha features, everything changed for me, and I’m sure this knowledge can improve the lives of all guys.