First Date – Humorous Dating Strategies For Men


Am Not, You’re

Obviously, today’s publish is in the fun so before anybody will get precious, defensive or hurt… don’t. When we can’t poke a chuckle every so often, then we are all taking existence and ourselves too seriously. In the end, I am almost a guy myself.

And just what was the genesis with this publish? Thank you for asking. Lately, I have been communicating with some women (buddies and clients) who’ve shared some pretty alarming things beside me regarding their encounters dating the males from the species. Considering these revelations, I figured that possibly arrived for somebody amazing, insightful, qualified and courageous to deal with the problem of emotional intelligence in blokes.

Sadly, she’s busy, so I’ll get it done.

You are welcome.

You’d Do What?

So, it appears that some males are just a little (or, a great deal) inept with regards to everything emotional. Not every men, obviously, however, many. My research informs me that, even though many men will happily encounter a burning building, sacrifice a limb or have a bullet in order to save their girlfriend or wife, most would prefer to staple their nut sack to some bench than turn off the television and interact in any sort of deep-and-significant conversation. Unless of course, obviously, sport comes underneath the banner of deep-and-significant. Sure, they are pleased to tell their ‘better half’ the way the world works but are they going to ever ask her for many advice or perhaps an opinion? No. Talk at her? Yep. Talk to her?


For your information, I am confident that’s the very first time I have ever used the term nut sack inside a printed article. Another literary first for me personally. Sigh. Mother and Father is going to be so proud.

“Allow me to start my acceptance speech by humbly thanking the Pulitzer board with this award…”

Or otherwise.

A Psychological Drop Zone

During the period of twenty-5 years around the gym floor (like a trainer), I completed greater than 40,000 Fitness sessions (around fifty every week) – that is terrifying enough – but what’s much more frightening is the fact that around 70-5 % of individuals sessions were with females. That’s lots of one-on-once having a broad mix-portion of ladies and without a doubt, among sets and reps we were not speaking about cage fighting, drag racing, rate of exchange or politics.

No, for whatever reason, Craig the private Trainer appeared to become something of the safe zone. A debriefing station. A psychological drop zone, of sorts. A bloke who’d listen, give consideration, acknowledge feelings and get relevant questions without attempting to fix or judge anything. To state I have had my great amount of deep-and-significant conversations with females is much like saying Andrew Bogut is tall and Oprah is moderately wealthy. Notice Body example for that women and something for that boys.

Tool Time

When I stated, recently I’ve spoken with several women within their late-twenties to mid-fifties who, for a variety of interesting reasons, have returned around the dating scene and also the overwhelming feedback I recieve from their store is that almost all available males are… total tools.

Is the fact that right women? C’mon fellas! You are killing us.

Now, I am no authority with regards to dating – although, I have were built with a couple of million – however, there appears to become a couple of no-brainer rules that some blokes are ignoring. So, lads, you can utilize all, any or no following advice both in dating and non-dating situations.

1. If you are a fifty year-old bloke, don’t dress just like a rapper and do not make use of the words bro, dude, totally or awesome. Whatsoever.

2. Do not ever ask a lady just how much she weighs (my pal experienced this a week ago) and do not ask her if she calculates. If she works out then you definitely should not need to ask (it ought to be apparent) and when she does not, then she’ll assume you are suggesting she should. In either case, it is a no-win. Let it rest alone. Bro.

3. Do not reek of desperation. Surprisingly, very couple of women are drawn to desperate.

4. Create impress her, one-up her or win – that just creates boys. It is a date, not really a competition.

5. Listen, be polite and get relevant questions. Under no conditions in the event you discuss your sexual prowess. It’s creepy.

6. Don’t go over her shoulder in the TV. She knows what you are doing.

7. Make certain the mouth area as well as your body say exactly the same factor. Don’t pretend you are interested, have an interest. Bear in mind it does not matter how smart you believe you’re, she’s smarter. That nodding the thing is isn’t agreement or connection, it’s pleasantness and persistence.

8. Read her non-verbal communication (it’s screaming to you) and understand that “yes, I’d love to visit the basketball along with you” really means “are you currently f***ing kidding me?”

9. When you are in some type of cyber-dating situation before you decide to meet her personally, don’t send the twenty kilos lighter and 15 years more youthful photo. That sort of conduct reeks of tool. She’ll most likely determine you are fat and old when she meets you – that could be somewhat disappointing. For everybody. With no, your fabulous personality and sharp wit will not counterbalance the disappointment.

10. If you are already married, don’t date other ladies and pretend you are single. Which makes a dirtbag. I understand I should not need to point this out but, apparently, I actually do. Good grief. BTW, if you are married and also you occur to date certainly one of my buddies, I would hurt you. So you realize.

So, what is your opinion women and boys? Shall we be blokes really emotionally inept or shall we be just lazy, not aware and self-focused? Have you got any other advice to increase my list above? You can lead towards the conversation if you don’t take it, you or me too seriously.